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BenefitsCal Information Flyers

Click the links below to view the BenefitsCal Information Flyers by language: SecurityTweets_EnhancementsTranslations_Final BenefitsCal-Information-Flyer_FINAL_English BenefitsCal-Information-Flyer_FINAL_Arabic BenefitsCal-Information-Flyer_FINAL_Armenian BenefitsCal-Information-Flyer_FINAL_Cambodian BenefitsCal-Information-Flyer_FINAL_Chinese (Traditional) BenefitsCal-Information-Flyer_FINAL_Farsi BenefitsCal-Information-Flyer_FINAL_Hindi BenefitsCal-Information-Flyer_FINAL_Hmong BenefitsCal-Information-Flyer_FINAL_Japanese BenefitsCal-Information-Flyer_FINAL_Korean BenefitsCal-Information-Flyer_FINAL_Lao BenefitsCal-Information-Flyer_FINAL_Mien BenefitsCal-Information-Flyer_FINAL_Portuguese […]

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    • For questions or concerns about the following topics, contact your local county office (use this link to find contact information for your county office):
      • Your case or benefits
      • Using BenefitsCal or CalSAWS
      • BenefitsCal or CalSAWS system functionality
      • Support with a customer's case (for Community Based Organizations)

  • For questions or concerns about other topics, click here to submit to AskCalSAWS.


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