CalSAWS Buzz Volume 3 Issue 1

As we look forward to Spring and new beginnings, we see trees blossoming, green on hills where there were burn scars, and flowers popping from the ground, we are reminded that change is good. Changes from winter to spring bring challenges but also beauty beyond measure. The CalSAWS project is experiencing change and exciting new beginnings as well. These changes may create challenges as well as exciting things to come.


Have CalSAWS Project questions or concerns? Our team is here to help!

  • For questions or concerns about the following topics, contact your local county office (use this link to find contact information for your county office):
    • Your case or benefits
    • Using BenefitsCal or CalSAWS
    • BenefitsCal or CalSAWS system functionality
    • Support with a customer's case (for Community Based Organizations)
  • For questions about careers, contact
  • For questions or concerns about other topics, click here to submit to AskCalSAWS.

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