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CalSAWS Buzz Volume 6 Issue 2

Happy Spring from CalSAWS as we begin our effort towards Maintenance and Enhancements (M&E). Read more about the process and how it will affect the 58 counties […]

CalSAWS Buzz Volume 6 Issue 1

Happy Valentines Day! This issue is dedicated to embracing our CalSAWS Community as we devote our efforts in strengthing the Power of 58. Read more about it […]

CalSAWS Buzz Volume 5 Issue 6

Happy Holidays CalSAWS! As we enter this holiday season and head into a bright new year, we have a lot to be proud of as we bid […]

CalSAWS Buzz Volume 5 Issue 5

As of Monday, October 30th, 2023, our 58 California Counties are all on CalSAWS. Welcome to our Wave 6 counties (Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Luis Obispo) […]

CalSAWS Buzz Volume 5 Issue 4

On Monday, September 4th, our CalSAWS family goes live with Wave 5 counties (Alameda, Fresno, Sonoma) bringing us to a total of 55 counties in CalSAWS Production. […]

CalSAWS Buzz Volume 5 Issue 3

Welcome Wave 4 (San Diego, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, and Solano) counties! We are one step closer to our goal of fully realizing the Power of 58! […]