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BenefitsCal Quick Reference Guides

Please see below for the BenefitsCal Quick Reference Guides for Community Based Organizations (CBOs) […]

CalSAWS Buzz Volume 3 Issue 2

Words from June, CalSAWS Customer Engagement Director I often hear comments in counties related to change, such as, “Change is our business,” “Change is inevitable,” and “Policy [...]

CalSAWS Buzz Volume 3 Issue 1

As we look forward to Spring and new beginnings, we see trees blossoming, green on hills where there were burn scars, and flowers popping from the ground, we are reminded that change is good […]

UAT General Membership Video

Watch the CalSAWS User Acceptance Training video that was shown at the January 2021 JPA Member Representatives & Board Meeting for a look ahead of what is […]

Holiday Message

During this holiday season, the CalSAWS project would like to offer well wishes and joy to our counties, communities, and stakeholders. May you celebrate the season of […]

CalSAWS COVID-19 Update

Community Impact In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the impact on California, CalSAWS has implemented several changes to support the needs of CA citizens. The Project […]