This page is a single repository that houses meeting documentation on the Joint Powers Authority (JPA), Project Steering Committee (PSC), Change Control Board (CCB), and CalSAWS Committees.
JPA Board
of Directors

CalSAWS is governed by its Board of Directors with representatives from all six regions as California migrates into one statewide eligibility system.

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Project Steering

The CalSAWS Project Steering Committee (PSC) provides guidance on long-term strategies and direction on legislative mandates.

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The WCDS (Welfare Client Data Systems) Subcommittee manages the CalWIN System and is governed by the CalSAWS JPA Board of Directors.

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CalSAWS Committees serve as the structure for counties to provide technical and design reviews for changes that will be implemented into the SAWS systems.

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Change Control

The Change Control Board (CCB) provides final design approval for System Change Requests (SCRs) to be implemented into the SAWS systems, including confirmation of the proposed release date.

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