CalSAWS COVID-19 Update

Community Impact

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the impact on California, CalSAWS has implemented several changes to support the needs of CA citizens. The Project is monitoring a risk related to potential schedule impact caused by the surge of resources needed to support the COVID-19 relief design, development, test and deployment efforts. Project Management is monitoring and assessing priorities in order to minimize potential impact to the CalSAWS schedule.


Stakeholder Impact

Business as usual has been maintained through virtual meetings using secured technological equipment and applications to reach out to our stakeholders.


County Impact

CalSAWS continues to produce its quarterly newsletter, this quarter focusing on COVID-19 and Customer Engagement. Regional Managers and technical staff remain in contact with the counties to assist where possible. Several counties have been highlighted for their efforts to help stop the spread of Coronavirus and still meeting the needs of the community.

  • Drive thru drop off documents and verifications
  • Drive thru BIC/EBT Card pick-ups
  • Use of Docu-Sign
  • Customers are asked to wait in their cars until their appointment time
  • Extended Call Center/Work hours
  • Work Flex, Split or 4/10 Schedules
  • Rotate staff one week working at home, one week onsite
  • Develop work-from-home policies


CalSAWS Impact

For the safety of our staff, stakeholders and their families, the CalSAWS Project instituted a full-time virtual work plan on March 17, 2020. Staff continue their efforts and project activities.

  • Daily Check-Ins
  • Team Meetings
  • Special Alerts
  • Bi-weekly All Staff meetings


Have CalSAWS Project questions or concerns? Our team is here to help!

  • For questions or concerns about the following topics, contact your local county office (use this link to find contact information for your county office):
    • Your case or benefits
    • Using BenefitsCal or CalSAWS
    • BenefitsCal or CalSAWS system functionality
    • Support with a customer's case (for Community Based Organizations)
  • For questions about careers, contact
  • For questions or concerns about other topics, click here to submit to AskCalSAWS.

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