Fun Facts about our 6 Regions!

Region 1

280 miles of pipelines from Yosemite National Park feed water to 2.4 million people in San Francisco, Santa Clara, Alameda, and San Mateo counties, with 85% of it being pure snow-melt. No wonder the tap water tastes so good!

Region 2

On April 3rd, 1860, the Pony Express began its expansive delivery service, which originated in Sacramento and stretched 1,800 miles all the way to Missouri.

Region 3

The Sundial Bridge in Shasta County is one of the largest sundials in the world and serves as a pedestrian bridge over the Sacramento River. The $23 million bridge accurately tells time only one day of the year during the Summer Solstice. The bridge is world-famous and one of California’s best examples of modern architecture.

Sundial Bridge

Region 4

General Sherman is a giant sequoia tree located in Tulare County’s Sequoia National Park. By volume, it is the largest known living single stem tree on Earth. It has a height of 275 feet, a diameter of 25 feet, and an estimated age of 2,300–2,700 years. It is also among the tallest, widest, and longest-living trees on the planet. It’s bigger than a whole basketball court!
General Sherman tree

Region 5

Monarch, the Grizzly on the California State flag, was a real bear! He was discovered in Ventura County in 1889 and spent the rest of his life in captivity in Woodward Gardens, Golden Gate Park, and the San Francisco Zoo. He was one of the last of what is now an extinct grizzly bear subspecies.

Region 6

Los Angeles is known as the land of “show biz”, but it hasn’t always been that way. The original location of the entertainment industry was in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It shifted to the City of Angels to get away from Thomas Edison. Edison held most of the country’s film patents and established a monopoly on all aspects of filmmaking. In Los Angeles, filmmakers found freedom away from his claims, cheap land, and plenty of labor.


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